Saturday, 9 April 2016

Hobby disasters and new ideA

Bad news folks. My plan for my epic Frostgrave board have collapsed. I followed the advice of Choco from oldhammer without a budget and bought 7 cans of spray paint from a local car store (I won't name nanes as I want this to be a product placement free zone) and used it to undercoat all of my polystyrene. I was going great guns but then I noticed something happening. The poly started to melt! The more paint I tried to use the worse shape it became. The whole loaf was ruined! 
I think it's the cheAp paint from the car place. It's ruined all my plans so I've been in a total hobby burn out all Easter. It's ruined my plans. I dumped the used spray cans in the bin and took the rest back to the car place and demanded a refund. The were quit difficult. I ended up having to argue with the manger. Add holes! 

After being put off for a whole week I got the desire to do hobby again and I found inspiration in the oddest of places. Ann Easter egg that my mum had been given by her boyfriend turned out to contain some ideal pieces of plastic. 

These are great! I advise everyone to use there old eggs in such a wAy! I can see these becoming a base to attack with my astral bears. I feel my mojo rising again! Tune in next time bear fans!!