Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The blogs that made me want to blog

HI everybody!

In this post I want to tell you all about the other blogs that I find so interesting and that have inspired me to start my own blogging career.

HipsterHammer is a great tumblr mixing coolness and Horus Heresy. The two guys that do this blog have all kinds of great ideas and do fantasy stuff as well as Horus Heresy stuff. The pics are very nice and I really like their painting style. The mix of info and cool is what I want to aim at.

Watching Paint Dry is blog full of great painting of 40K stuff. I like the guys style and it's something that I would like to copy. he shares pictures of him assembling his miniatures as well and the ideas s he gives me for the different ways I can assemble the 'Astral bears'. I think the title is really ironic cause I do spend a lot of time watching the paint on my miniatures dry.

Warhammer 40k Orks as the title suggests, this blog has a lot of warhammer 40k works in. As works are the ultimate enemy of the Astral Bears I like it know  what I'm up against. Luckily the author of the blog also has lots of other interesting projects to work on and these are all over the place from model cars to a blue (yes blue!) fanstasy orc army. There is always something interesting to read on this blog and always exciting new paint jobs.

Realm of 80's Chaos is a blog all about Mcdeath which is an Old Games Workshop game plus other bits of ancient Warhammer books and games. The author leads into the world of 'Oldhammer' which looks like something I want to get into. Oldhammer seems to be about people wanting to play Warhammer in the same way they did when they were kids or at least the way they imagined they wanted to when they were kids. Some of the articles are a little long so you may need to skip those ones but some have some really interesting information in them.

Never mind the Jankers i don't know what Jankers are but this blog is full of great ideas for Frostgrave and is a source of all sorts of great gaming information. The author plays lots of different kinds of games and goes to lots of game conventions so the variety on the types of games that are on display is rather large. I especially like the blog for the battle reports which are not overly showy but do display how normal people can enjoy a great game of miniatures without having to spend huge amounts of money. His idea about Frsotagrave scenery are what mad me want to start this blog!

Oldhammer on a Budget sounds like its will be a blog about not spending lots of money to join in with the Oldhammer games but it's more fun than that. The author seems to get lots of projects done really quickly and I'm in awe at the amount he gets painted. He's a doer. This isn't a guy that's obsessed with a perfect paint job. He'd rather get a miniature painted and on the table. There are some battle reports well. His house must be full of armies!

Hope you enjoy these blogs as much as I do.


  1. Ta for the Blog link (Oldhammer on a budget), and yes my home is full of armies hehe too many if you ask the wife though.

  2. Hello,
    I've just spotted your blog and noticed mention of my own above. Thank you for the link.
    As to "Jankers" it is British military slang meaning "punishment for those who have committed a military offence." So peeling potatoes, or sweeping the parade ground with toothbrushes, or painting grass green or stones white - the sort of labour intensive chore that an NCO can bestow upon an Other Rank.