Monday, 21 March 2016

Snow it begins....

Hi all. and welcome to my blog. I hope to be able to show you all the amazing things that I get up to with my miniatures and wargaming. There will be lots of stuff to see in the next couple of posts but first I wanted to spread an idea that came to me when I was reading about and exciting new game called Frostgrave (great name).

The idea of the game is to battle wizards in a frozen city and it suddenly occurred to me that I could build a city out of scraps of polystyrene like in the photo above.

If I can get enough of it together I will build a castle in the middle of the board and then have lots of streets running off it. All line with polystyrene. It's already white so I wouldn't have to even paint it. I can't believe no one else has though of this!

Anyway, I need to go and do some more hobby. I'll talk to guys later!


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