Tuesday, 22 March 2016

The tools of my trade

I've got lots of paints from the excellent games workshop range. In fact I wouldn't buy anybody else's paints (not that anybody else makes paints for miniatures but I think some people use airfix paints).

Here is a picture of my collection

I like to keep the handy in a variety of boxes. I have experimented with arranging them in a variety of ways to make my painting easier. If use colour theory to do this.

If you have not heard of colour theory i'm surprised it is an obscure art. Basically it is a way of arranging colours so that you can instantly know which ones go together or don't.

Here is an example of a colour theory chart.

I find it makes choosing colour s for badges on my home made Space Marine chapters really easy. I have plans to paint a whole Chapter of one of my own creations 'The Astral Bears'. I think the main colour will be green, like in the image above with red trim and yellow badges. I post a picture when i get the started.

I use GW brushes as well

as i find that they are the best to use on GW miniatures. I clean them after I have used them as well. I use soap which is good at making the brushes last longer which is important as brushes are expensive. I'd like to hear your experiences of using brushes.

I'm quite enjoying blogging so far. In my next post I want to share the blogs that have inspired me to start my own.

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  1. I think you will find that there are probably about a dozen companies that make paint for miniatures, many of which are more highly regarded than GW... (Reaper, Vallejo, Army painter, Foundry, Scale75, etc., to say nothing of the further dozen companies that make paint for models)

    But honestly, the main thing is that you DO paint, not what you use, or even how, but that your figures get painted!